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Born in 1971, operates in Stockholm, Sweden. Freelancing artist.


I paint in acrylic and tempera on canvas or on paper. Sometimes I use sand, dried colours or small parts of canvas or fabric to create life and texture in the painting. I paint intuitively and I never know about the final result.

All the paintings are unique and speak to an inner feeling rather than the intellect.

The inspiration comes from the use of colors, and in the process that begins shapes will reveal and the picture is gradually transformed along the creative process.

I like to use strong bright colours, but there is always a desire to find peace and harmony within myself and in the image when I create. I hope that the viewer will be able to find a moment's rest in my paintings - a place of harmony and tranquility, as a counterweight to the rapid, changing chaotic world.


BUS- Image Copyright in Sweden
SK, Swedish Artists Association, Former President of the committee of SK–East Region
FAOS –Female Artwork of Sweden

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Other experiences and Art projects

2011 Film project funded by Swedish Arts council for national strategy of Culture in School
2009 “Painting workshop for a better environment” Climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, COP15
2008-2009 International Art project “Young thoughts about Tellus” – TellusArt
2008 Art Festival in Hågelby, “Young thoughts about Tellus” – TellusArt
2006-2007 “Painting Workshop for children and young people"


Contact Charlotte Rönnlund

E-mail: charlotteronnlund @
Cellular phone: +46 702388123